Sound Discovery Center

Kerouspic 22140 CAVAN
- Website: The Discovery Center of Sound

A hour away from Pleumeur-Bodou by car, the Sound Discovery Center is a place where you will be aYou will be able try:

The musical path: In a wooded valley, along a magical and wonderful course, play to listen and make noise!

The Soniferous Garden: Explore an immense garden, built in the form of an ear, where the sounds are cultivated at the end of each alley ... Open exclusively to families during summer;

The listening cabins: get a nap listening to the landscapes of Trégor.

And for a nice walk in the neighboring municipalities, do not miss ...

... THE CAMPANARY TOUR (free, open access) Go to the Sound Discovery Center to get a free circuit map and an audio CD, and then, in eight towns, find our interactive sound terminals and "walks for the ears" ".

Open from April to November.

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