Eco-centre Trégor

Ecocentre Trégor-Spered All. Association for Practical and Educational Ecology
An interactive living laboratory, in a preserved natural setting. Discover practical ecology in an unusual and welcoming world. A space dedicated to sharing and play, a new experience that combines ecology, relaxation, curiosity and poetry.

Visit our themed areas!

The garden of Harmonies: A garden in permaculture: Along the way, another way of gardening sprouted ... Respectful of the living. A beautiful garden without effort. Unusual walk dotted with advices.

What energies for tomorrow? Play to understand, understand to choose: Let’s go for the energy transition! Playful and interactive mechanisms, the energies of the future for everyone.

The Games Esplanade:

For young and old players! Skill, cooperation and reflection are part of it. Ecological and intergenerational.

On-site catering in July August: Resto Bilig*, 100% organic and local P’tite artisan shop: ceramics, leather, beer, nursery and specialized bookstore. Not to mention the spaces "for kids", the discovery pole on the eco-building, the nature clearing ... And a warm team to welcome you!

Open from April to September: we welcome individuals, groups, schools, companies ...

Opening Hours:

- April: every day except Saturday, from 2:00PM to 6:00PM.
- May / June: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from 2:00PM to 6:00PM.
- July / August: every day except Saturday, from 10:30AM to 6:30PM
- September: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday from 2:00PM to 6:00PM.

Prices :

- Adults (from 12 years old): €6
- Children (5-11 years old): €5
- Free for children under 5
- Groups: Rates, hours and specific animations

For more information on the Ecocentre:
- Ecocentre Trégor-Spered All, near the Park of the Radôme and the Pôle Phoenix.
- Website:
- ecocentre.tregor
- Tel: +336 40 56 84 46

*A "bilig" is a thick cast iron plate with a diameter of about 40 centimetres used in Breton cuisine to cook crepes. It is not a crepe pan!

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