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The Radôme Park, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou
- Tel. : +332. (answering machine 24 hours a day)
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Immersive Shows / Science and Astronomy

Throughout the year, you are invited to get off the ground to discover the immensity of the starry vault, through the 360 ° dome of the Planetarium of Brittany. A journey to discover the celestial phenomena of the Universe. Stars close at hand!

- "Splendors of the Solar System": a real journey through our solar system.
- "The Dawn of the Space Age": Relive the Conquest of Space!
- "The starry night": the sky that you could observe tonight ...
- "The stars and the tides";
- "Mysteries of the Southern sky": Observation of the southern sky, constellations of the southern hemisphere.
- "Far Worlds - Extraterrestrial Life?" : Are we alone in the universe?

And for the children:
- "Polaris", for the children of 4 to 10 ;
- "The girl who walked upside down": a child sees the world from another angle ...
A wonderful immersion in time and space!

Opening hours :

- Sessions for children from 5 years old. Open from February to December.
- Open every day during the school holidays.
- Program of shows
- Outside school holidays, check the program on the answering machine (24 hours a day) at +332.
- Joint ticket "Pass Parc du Radôme" on sale at the Tourist Office: discounted ticket for the 3 sites of the Park of the Radôme (the Cité des Télécoms, the Planetarium of Brittany and the Village Gaulois).

Every year: new shows, workshops, ...

- This year, new shows for children and adults.
- Every month, evening observation of the night sky with the Astronomical Club of the Trégor;
- In August: go for "La Nuit des Etoiles" (The Night of Stars)!
- Check out the news of the Planetarium of Brittany

The Planetarium of Brittany, also includes reception of groups, field trips, scientific classes, astro classes, rental of conference room, seminar, Business Committees, general assemblies, conferences.

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