Peninsula of Landrellec, wild and protected

Bringwiller moor, (Property of the Conservatoire du Littoral) open over a vast marine horizon, the rocky coasts of the shore make the landscape exceptional.

Alternately covered with dunes, littered with maritime lawns, moorlands and meadows, they offer sumptuous blue, green, pink, blond and yellow colors throughout the year. Camargue horses graze the moors and meadows.

Go through the pedestrian path to discover the whole site. Two islets are accessible at low tide: Jaouen, covered with clear vegetation and Flat Island an old granite quarry.

In addition, a large sandy beach runs along the northern part of the peninsula. It stops abruptly at the Peak of Landrellec which houses a small port of the same name.

Splendid panoramas from the Île-Grande to the Sept-Îles.

Such a rocky landscape.

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