Pleumeur Bodou, a municipality facing the sea.

With its 17 km of coast, Pleumeur Bodou is naturally turned towards the sea.

The town has 3 grounding ports and launching wedges

- The port of Landrellec
- The Port Saint Sauveur (Ile Grande)
- Pors Gelen (Big Island)

Introduce yourself to sailing at the Base Nautique of Ile Grande!

On all surfaces, for all ages, the Base Nautique welcomes you to its premises on the Ile Grande.

An exceptional lake!

On our shores lined with many small islets, sheltered bays, small coves, you can practice kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, or just enjoy the beaches or foreshore for fishing. foot.

Nautical Base of the Big Island
Blue Sea Fishing, Ile Grande

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