Sound Heritage


During the fest-noz, you will surely get to know our musical heritage. A style that is divided between song to dance, song to listen, hymn and sea chantey and characterized by traditional instruments such as the bignou, the clarinet, the Celtic harp, the diatonic accordion, the bombarde or the transverse flute. An opportunity to try our traditional dances like the gavotte (a round where the dancers turn all together while holding their little fingers) or couple dances. The Breton music is sometimes more contemporary as with the band NOZZY which makes electronic Breton music. Here is our discovery playlist:

Other Sounds:

Other surrounding sounds are part of our sound heritage. We can talk about sea birds’ cries, the sound of the waves, or even that of the bell of Saint-Samson or the church of Saint-Pierre! You will be able to hear them during your walks in the town.

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