They are numerous on our coast around the Île-Grande, the Keryvon Bay and Landrellec.

Our coast is renowned for the quality of its bathing waters.

You will also discover, all along your walks on the coastal path, numerous small creeks, where you will be able to enjoy the seaside in peace.

No dogs are allowed on several beaches, from June 15 to September 15: at the Île-Grande (Pors Gelin), Landrellec, Keryvon. Please, respect these rules, checks are made.

Beaches of Landrellec
The most beautiful beaches of the Pink Granite Coast

La playa de Bringwiller

Bringwiller Beach
Bringwiller beach in Landrellec (Pleumeur-Bodou)

Keryvon Beach
Keryvon beach, between the Ile-Grande and Landrellec, in Pleumeur-Bodou. Photo B. L’Hotelier

Toul Gwen Beach, in the Île-Grande
Beach Toul Gwen, Ile-Grande (Pleumeur-Bodou). Pictures OT Pleumeur-Bodou

Playa de Pors Gelen en la Île-Grande

On the way to the beach, Pors Gelen, Île-Grande. Choose your beaches according to tide times!

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