The Chapel of Saint-Uzec

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Pleumeur-Bodou: the chapel of Saint-Uzec and its calvary.
Small chapel in the Trégor region, built at the end of the 16th century at the crossroads near the hamlet of Keruzec (manor house no longer standing).

The chapel of Saint Uzec was erected in the fourteenth century, on parish lines between Pleumeur-Bodou and Trébeurden: the old road, east / west axis, still exists, and the ordeal would be the exact limit between the two parishes.

Implanted on an imposing rock, largely cut afterwards to make the crossing of the road, it faces the menhir of Saint Uzec, visible on the opposite side of the valley.

It is adjoined, as often, by a fountain reminiscent of old rites of water worship. It was partially destroyed by lightning in 1974, and gradually restored thereafter, on the initiative of the inhabitants of the district and the municipality.

The chapel of Saint-Uzec does not benefit from the realization of an architectural and ornamental program as rich as that of its neighbor of Saint-Samson; but it does not lack charm, with its steeple-wall (with staircase of access to the bells, carried out on the pinion), its roman font, its calvary with three steps.

It is open every day from June to September; and the Pardon de Saint-Uzec, the first Sunday of July, gives place to a mass and a popular festival.

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