The Telecommunication Center

CTS Pleumeur-Bodou vers 1990The Satellite Communications Center

CTS Pleumeur-Bodou circa 1990 CTS Pleumeur-Bodou - photo B. The Hotellier CTS Pleumeur-Bodou - photo B. The Hotellier Antenna Symphony - photo B. The Hotellier Steel monsters - photo B. The Hotellier Antenna PB8 , the radome in the background - photo B. The Hotellier Antenna PB8 - photo B. The Hotellier Ears listening to the world - photo B. The Hotellier Ears listening to the world - photo B. The Hotellier (2004)

The Pleumeur-Bodou Satellite Communications Center (the C.T.S.), located in the Côtes-d’Armor, is the teleport that originated the world’s first televised television transmission via the "Telstar" satellite in 1962.

With the construction and commissioning of the Radome, Pleumeur-Bodou becomes world famous for having made the first intercontinental television link in the world, with Andover (Maine, USA), on the night of 10 to 11 July 1962.

The Space Telecommunication Center has several large parables until the 1990s and then quickly stops its activity.

It will have marked the history of world telecommunications, the technological and economic development of Trégor, upset the previously rural society Pleumeur-Bodou, and remains a landmark site in the landscape.

Acquired in France-Télécom / Orange by the Lannion-Trégor Agglomeration Community in 2006, the site has been partially refurbished to become a business park called "Phoenix Pole". Some antennas are dismantled, such PB6, the largest (32 meters in diameter, 50 meters high, 350 tons) in 2006.

The site can not be visited, but the giant dishes offer an amazing spectacle, and some antennas can be approached such as the antenna "Symphony" (PB5) located at the lowest point.

Some antennas have been converted to radio-astronomy: the small PB8, located at the entrance of the site, is piloted by the association "Observation Radio Pleumeur-Bodou".

Finally, the adventure of satellite telecommunications is discovered by family through the visit of the Cité des télécoms, at the nearby Radome Park Phoenix Pole.

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