The Wood of Lann ar Waremm

The wood of Lann ar Waremm extends over the municipalities of Pleumeur Bodou and Trébeurden.

Covering an area of 300 hectares, it is the largest forest massif of the littoral the Trégor. However, this wood has a recent history. It was formed gradually following the abandonment of agricultural land in the course of the 20th century.

In winter the soil is very humid, sometimes flooded. This characteristic influences the distribution of plant and animal species. Walking through Lann ar Waremm, you will discover different landscapes: moors, woods, meadows.

In 1982, the conservatory of the littoral acquires a large part of the massif. It then takes the status of a protected natural site and benefits from the forest regime.

Today, the site is managed jointly by the municipality of Pleumeur Bodou, assisted punctually by the municipality of Trébeurden and the National Forest Office.

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