Friends of motorhomes, you are welcome in Pleumeur-Bodou: The Pleumeur-Bodou merchants welcome you, in the village center, on the Île-Grande or in Landrellec, where you will find many activities and visits for your stay.

For the enjoyment of all, you are asked:

  • To park properly during the day, so as not to occupy excessively the parking areas at the expense of the other road users;
  • To park at night only on designated areas; night parking (9:00PM to 9:00AM) is regulated by the Town Hall and decrees prohibit the parking of motorhomes on public car parks and roads, especially on the Île-Grande, in Landrellec, and by the sea in general .

In most tourist municipalities, night parking is regulated: please inquire with the town halls on the regulations applied on their municipalities. In Pleumeur-Bodou, it is forbidden to sleep in a car outside the areas provided for this purpose, between 9:00PM and 9:00AM, people who do not respect this rule are subject to fines.

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