Archipelago of the Sept-Îles

Nature Reserve of Sept-Iles

Located on the opposite of the Pink Granite Coast, the Sept-Iles Nature Reserve is home to the largest French bird sanctuary.

The Rouzic Island and its impressive colony of gannets, the Malban Island, the Costans, the Bono Island, the Île-Plate, the Île-aux-Moines recognizable by its lighthouse and a Vauban fort, and Le Cerf constitute the archipelago of the Sept-Iles.

First French protected area under private law, the archipelago of the Sept-Iles was put under protection in 1912 by the LPO who was fighting against the massacre of puffins monks on this site.

Since that date, and its classification as a national nature reserve in 1976, it has attracted many other species: penguin torda, guillemot troll, gannet, English puffin, gray seal ...

Discover the nature reserve of the Sept-Îles, in this superb article published by the magazine "l’oiseau magazine":

See the birds of the Sept-Îles

- With the outputs of the LPO station of the Île-Grande;
- On board of the speedboats of Perros-Guirec;
- On board of the traditional sailboat, the Saint Guirec.

You can also discover the birds of the Natural Reserve of the Sept-Îles at the LPO station - House of the Natural Reserve.

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