Nautical Sports

Pleumeur Bodou, a municipality focused on the sea.

With its 17 km of coast, Pleumeur Bodou is naturally focused on the sea.

The town has 3 dry harbours and launching docks
- The port of Landrellec
- The Port of Saint Sauveur (Île-Grande)
- Pors Gelen (Île-Grande)

An exceptional setting!

On our coasts lined with many small islands, sheltered bays, small coves, you can practice kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, or just enjoy the beaches or the foreshore doing some shore fishing.

Ile Grande Sailing School

Nautical centre and sailing school, with accommodation, in Brittany, in the heart of the Pink Granite Coast!

- Location: BASE NAUTIQUE, Pors Gelin 22560 ILE-GRANDE
- Tel : +332.
- Website :
- E-mail : bnig

Île Grande, a natural site to discover:

Île Grande is one of the components of a remarkable site: the Pink Granite Coast. Linked to the mainland by a small bridge, surrounded by islets, it is a wonderful playground on land and water. The Ile Grande nautical base offers a discovery of the maritime environment and the learning of sailing on dinghies, catamarans and windsurfers. The water surface of the Nautical Base is divided into five navigation zones. Zone 1, which is very sheltered, is ideal for beginners, while zones 2 to 5 offer the necessary space for thrills and the discovery of new landscapes.

Centre for discovery classes:

Situated "feet in the water", the Ile-Grande Sailling School has comfortable accommodation on its premises with 40 beds. It welcomes primary and secondary school classes throughout the school year.

Sailing school :

The Île-Grande Sailling School offers five-session courses from Monday to Friday, in the morning or on the afternoon.

Boat hire:

The Île-Grande Sailling School is a club which organises sports and leisure activities all year round in which you can sail with the equipment of your choice on a supervised stretch of water.

Private lessons:

Private lessons are offered on all types of equipment, whatever your level. They can be booked in advance.

Leisure sailing, sport school:

The leisure sailing offers are accessible to people who are already initiated as well as to beginners. It includes an adult section and takes place on Saturday mornings or afternoons. The entire fleet of the Sailling School can be used for leisure sailing (dinghies, windsurfers, catamarans, kayaks, paddleboats). The Sport School is practiced on Optimist from 8 years old and on windsurf from 11 years old. Sailing takes place on Saturday afternoons.

Sailing discovery:

Try sailing with your family or friends, accompanied by an instructor, on our new collective boat, the Skellig 2.2.


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