The church of Brélévenez is built on the hill overlooking the city of Lannion. The foundation of the church dated back to the 12th century; it is attributed to the knights-monks of Montjoie, branch of the order of the Temple. The founders will leave their name to the town: "Brélévenez" is the translation of "Mont Joie" in Breton.

The Romanesque chevet and the pink granite south porch belonged to the original building. The bell tower was added in the 15th century; Gothic style, it has two levels and ends with a pierced arrow. Another tower, covered with a sheet of lead, is also added during this period.

Inside, we can discover a grain measure from the manor Cruguil; it was used to evaluate the quantity of grain provided by the peasants to the parish to discharge tithing.

There are also three beautiful altarpieces from the 17th century and an 18th century polychrome burial.

A beautiful parish enclosure surrounds the church; there is a reliquary and an ossuary dating back to the 15th century.

A staircase of 140 steps gives access to the church from the center of Lannion.

The church is dedicated to the Trinity; Pardon is therefore celebrated on Trinity Sunday.

Location: The church of Brélévenez is located a few hundred meters north of the city center of Lannion.

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