Kastel Erek

Castel Ereck (or Kastel Erek): Protected natural site, former granite quarry, northwest of the Ile-Grande (part of the town of Pleumeur-Bodou).

The panorama is very extensive from the particularly exposed rocky point, from the Sept-Îles to the Millau Island.

This former granite quarry is the largest of the sites, both in terms of size and volume of minings. A thick wall, still visible today, was built to protect it from the entrances of the sea. The white, blue and gray granites were extracted from 1908 to 1979, date of the end of exploitation since the quarry will be ceded to the Bird Protection League.

The storms are very spectacular there.

You can discover the coast of the Île-Grande only through the footpath, hardly accessible to strollers and people with reduced mobility, making the complete tour in about 7 km.

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