L’Escale Gourmande

"Les Chardons" shopping center in Pleumeur Bodou
- Tel: 02 96 15 82 40
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All the flavors of the soil and the sea

Market cuisine, refined and tasty, seafood and local products.

The meat comes from the local butcher shop, and the fish is delivered by fishermen from Ile Grande. Enjoy our fish specialties: monkfish, pollack, ... and our lobsters!

The chef advocates simplicity: nothing is too much to work with fresh products, they are sufficient for themselves, such as fish caught on the skin, baked with some fresh herbs.

Formula from € 14.00 Menu from € 18.00, menu between land and Stopover from 25 to 30 € + map.

Suggestions on the board.

Open every lunch except Mondays; Open every evening except Sunday evening and Monday evening.

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