The crow

The "Castle of the Ravens", more commonly known as "The Raven", is a granite massif dominating a rocky point located north of Ile-Grande.

Widely visible on both sides of the island, serving as a landmark for sailors, the Raven faces the archipelago of Triagoz whose silhouette of the famous lighthouse is visible.

Spared by the quarrymen, who extracted between 1850 and 1950 a good part of the outcrops granitic surroundings, the rock has a form actually reminiscent of a watchtower, and the Romantics see through him a formidable sentry braving the sea ...

It is difficult to reach the site by an isthmus formed of several thousand blocks of granite, rounded by the action of the waves, and only during low tides: it is inadvisable to venture there without being able to cross this natural obstacle, on the way back and without consulting the tide times ...

But the place is worth to be admired closely: reserved for fans of iodized air and tonic meeting with the marine elements!

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