Cairn of Barnenez

Cairn of Barnenez 29252 Plouezoc’h

- Website: Grand Cairn of Barnenez

A 40-minute drive from Pleumeur-Bodou, Plouzeoc’h in northern Finistère, discover the largest megalithic mausoleum in Europe: Barnenez Cairn.

This monument contains several burials, some of which are vaulted and constitute as such the oldest vaults known in the world (2000 years before the pyramids of Egypt)!

A cairn is a stone construction built by Neolithic communities, covering one or more covered walkways.

The monument dominates the Bay of Morlaix, signaling the existence and power of the community that lived there, several millennia ago; the site, forgotten and degraded in modern times, was saved from demolition by its classification as a historical monument. The monument, which has become the property of the French State, has been restored but continues to be the subject of exciting archaeological studies, the recent discoveries of which have involved the presence of "paintings" on the walls of the internal passageways.

Barnenez Grand Cairn is open every day except public holidays.

In Pleumeur-Bodou, and around, several other megalithic monuments are visible, and in particular the "covered alleys":
- Ile-Grande, in the center of the island;
- from Prajou-Menhir, in Trébeurden, on the left before the Île-Grande bridge;
- Kerianegan - Kerguntuil, in Tregastel (two covered walkways);
- Milliau Island, in Trébeurden (island accessible at low tide only);
- and many remains of dismantled monuments, all over the territory of the Côte de Granit Rose.

For more info on the megaliths of the Pink Granite Coast:

- Megaliths of Pleumeur-Bodou;
- GranitRose-Tour

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