Major Events

World Music Day

Every June 21 France celebrate music. Free concerts in exceptional settings take place in Pleumeur-Bodou and in nearby towns. An opportunity to taste crepes, "moules-frites" (mussels and chips) and other local specialities.

The Major Music Festivals

Brittany hosts many great festivals of music where a lot of national and international artists perform. The largest among them, the Veilles Charrues music festival, hosted artists like Martin Garrix, Dépêche Mode, Macklemore, Lenny Kravitz, Elton John or Pharrell Williams. Your stay in Pleumeur-Bodou would be an opportunity to enjoy these festivals organized in cities located a few kilometres away.

Les Vieilles Charrues (July)
• Carhaix, 29270 (Finistère)
• Website:

Art Rock (May)
• Saint-Brieuc, 22000 (Côtes d’Armor)
• Website:

Bobital (July)
• Bobital, 22100 (Côtes d’Armor)
• Website:

La fête du bruit de Saint Nolff (July)
• Saint Nolff, 56250 (Morbihan)
• Website:

La fête du bruit de Landerneau (August)
• Landerneau, 29800 (Finistère)
• Website:

Panorama Festival (April)
• Morlaix, 29600 (Finistère)
• Website:

Chausse tes tongs (July)
• Trévou-Tréguignec, 22660 (Côtes d’Armor)
• Facebook page:

Festival du bout du monde (August)
• Crozon, 29160 (Finistère)
• Website:

Festival du roi Arthur (August)
• Bréal-sous-Monfort (Rennes), 35310 (Ille-et-Vilaine)
• Website:

Bugueles Festival, (July)
• Penvénan, 22710 (Côtes d’Armor)
• Website:

Festival du chant de marin de Paimpol (August) (Sea chanty festival)
• Paimpol, 22500 (Côtes d’Armor)
• Website:

And many more ...

The Fest-Noz

A Fest-Noz is a festive gathering where musicians play traditional Breton music to accompany group dancing. It is often possible to eat a famous "galette-saucisse" (salted crêpe with Breton sausage) or other specialities on-site. Many Fest-Noz are organized in the summer around Pleumeur-Bodou. Do not hesitate to contact the Pleumeur-Bodou Tourism Office so you won’t miss the dates or consult the web site

Sporting Events

The Lou-Anne (October)
The Lou-Anne is a mountain bike race organized every year in Pleumeur-Bodou. The profits of the event are donated to families of children with disabilities.

The Tro Enez Veur (October)
The Tro Enez Veur is a race that consists, as its name suggests, in running around the Île-Grande. It takes place every year and if there is a registration fee, you will leave with a few prizes and good memories.

Les 20 kilomètres de la Côte de Granite Rose (The 20 kilometers of the Pink Granit Coast) (July)
It is a half marathon from Trébeurden to Perros-Guirec organized each year. Several runs are offered (10 km, 20 km, race for child…) but whatever your choice is, you will be able to enjoy the landscapes of the Pink Granit Coast while achieving a sporting performance.

The Tour de France (July)
There is need to introduce the famous Tour de France organized each year. It sometimes happens that it stop off on Brittany so do not hesitate to enquire about the route of the current year.

And Others Surprises…

Fireworks, carnival, beach party, exhibitions,… events abound in Pleumeur-Bodou. Contact the tourist office on your arrival so that you won’t miss anything.

Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage days) (September)
Discover the famous places of the town through various cultural activities organized for the occasion. Program available in the agenda or with the Tourist Office.

Le festival de la BD de Perros-Guirec (Comic Festival) (April)
Exhibitions, dedications, conferences and meetings with the authors, discover the 9th art!
• Website:
• Perros-Guirec, 22730

Festival de l’estran (Foreshore festival) (September)
An open-air contemporary art gallery on the beaches of the Pink Granite Coast

The night of Museum (May)
For this special day, the museums switch to night time. The Radôme and the Citée des Télécoms open their doors to you until midnight!

Fête de la mer (Sea festival) (July / August) Landrellec / Ile grande
Moules-frites (mussels and chips), crepes, "galette-saucisse" (salted crepe with Breton sausage), free boat ride, leisure activities about the sea, concert and fireworks, the sea festival takes place each year alternately on Landrellec or Île-Grande.

Gare au gorille (May every other year)
Several big tops are set up on the Pôle Phoenix for 12 circus shows to discover with family and friends.

Mom’art (October)
A festival that puts the spotlight on dance, theatre and music for young and old.

Fête de la science (Science Festival) (October)
Hustle and bustle, exhibitions and activities are set up on the Park of the Radôme, the Pôle Phoenix, the Ecocentre and in many places of the Pink Granit Coast.

The international meetings of ancient music of the Trégor, baroque festival of Lanvellec (events all year long and festival in autumn)
The association of baroque music from the Trégor brings baroque music back to life through numerous concerts and a festival in autumn.
More information on their website:

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