Traditional Sports

Pleumeur-Bodou is a very sporty town! In addition to the common sports like tennis, sailing or gymnastics, other more traditional sports are practised in Pleumeur-Bodou.

La boule bretonne (Breton ball)

This practice is similar to the Lyon ball or Boules with specific balls. It is often played in team on a flat bowling alley therefore. The aim is to throw your ball as close as possible to the jack to earn as many points as possible. Rules can change depending on the Breton departments. Bowling alleys are open to the public like that of Kérénoc and many competitions are organized in summer. An opportunity to discover this sport while enjoying a delicious crêpe!

The gouren

Also called Breton wrestling, the aim is to get your opponent down using different techniques specific to the discipline. Several competitions are organized in the region and there is even a European Celtic wrestling championship!

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