Gastronomic Heritage

Our region is full of specialities and it is sometimes difficult to know what is behind these names with Breton sounds. Here is a brief overview of our gastronomic heritage

Salted Butter
In the past, Brittany was exempted from the salt tax. This is why we got into the habit of integrating salt into all foods, including butter. The salt tax finally get repealed from France in 1946. While the other regions did not put salt in their butter, the Bretons have kept this tradition, it is today difficult for any good Breton to eat unsalted butter as we are used to the salted one.

The Pâté Hénaff
Made from pork, Guérande salt and spices, the pâté Hénaff has become the star of pâtés and picnics for its unique taste. Available in all supermarkets.

The Platter of Seafood
We often eat it in season or during Christmas and New year. The platter of seafood is a must: Cockles, clams, crab, lobsters, shrimps, mussels, periwinkles, etc. often eaten with home-made mayonnaise. Available at Trégor-Coquillages or at Le Macareux restaurant in Landrellec.

The "Galette de blé noir" (Buckwheat salted crêpe)
A salted crêpe made from buckwheat that you can garnish at your convenience. There are two main recipes:
• The "galette complète": ham, egg, grated cheese
• The "galette saucisse": with a Breton sausage
To enjoy in our restaurants or during the fest-noz and other activities

The Andouille of Guémené
A delicious cold meat made from pork’s large intestine! Available in butcher’s shop and supermarket.

The Kig-ha-Farz
A substantial dish meaning “meat andstuffing” in Breton. It is made of buckwheat and wheat flour, beef, bacon, carrots, white cabbage, leeks and finally turnips. To enjoy in our restaurant.

The Cotriade
A dish made of red mullet, hake, conger, mackerel or even mussels and langoustine. Available in some restaurants.

Wheat Crepes and Salted Caramel
There is no need to introduce the crepes made of flour, egg and milk. It goes well with the traditional salted caramel for an inimitable taste. Available in snack bars by the sea, during the fest noz, events, in restaurants…

The Kouign-Amann
A cake made from bread dough folded then covered with butter and sugar. Available in bakery.

The Far Breton
A cake with the texture of clafoutis to which we often add prunes. Available in bakery.

Palets Bretons (the Breton pucks)
Their name is taken from shuffleboard, hence their shape. These are small dry cookies made from salted butter and vanilla sugar. Available in supermarket

The Breton Cake
A kind of giant Breton puck.

Nutabreizh and Breizhella, Breton Nutellas
Local alternatives with a taste of salted caramel.

Plougastel’ Strawberries
The first strawberries of the year to be harvested. Available at markets.

Breton Cider
An alcohol obtained by fermenting apples. There are several types of cider: brut, sweet, dry, rosé ...

The Lambig
An alcohol obtained by distilling a completely fermented cider.

The Chouchen
An amber wine obtained by fermenting honey in water.

The Godinette
A cocktail made of Plougastel strawberry liqueur, brandy, muscadet and raspberry.

Not to mention oysters, scallops, sardines, various varieties of fish, the Coco de Paimpol…

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