The Moor of Bringuiller

- Natural site of Bringwiller, in Landrellec
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Located on the peninsula of Landrellec, between Trégastel and the Île-Grande, the natural site of Bringuiller (or Bringwiller) is a protected natural site, furrowed with footpaths in a very beautiful setting by the sea. In the opens ea, you can admire the lighthouse of the Triagoz in the west and the archipelago of the Sept-Îles which extends towards the east.

The hiking trail is none other than the famous GR34, known as the "customs trail", connecting here Ploumanac’h to the Île-Grande, going along the coast through Landrellec.

This trail - pedestrian only - will lead you, from heaths to pastures, through a sublime landscape, and will be an opportunity to discover the occupants of the place: superb Camargue horses, introduced by the Conservatoire du Littoral in an environment that they help to maintain and beautify.

The coast has been particularly exploited in the context of granite mining: many traces of quarry activity can be observed, such as these "corner holes" made in line to split a piece of rock.

At the bend of a path, you will discover the last vestige of a menhir which has been cut in the direction of the height and of which it remains today only one face.

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