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Immersive Shows / Science and Astronomy

In 2019, the Planetarium of Brittany celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the first steps of Man on the Moon: shows, conferences, exhibitions, will mark the news.

Throughout the year, you are invited to leave the earth’s floor to discover the immensity of the starry vault, through its 360 ° dome. A journey to discover the celestial phenomena of the Universe. Stars at hand!

- "Splendors of the Solar System": a real journey through our solar system.
- "The Dawn of the Space Age": Relive the Conquest of Space!
- "The starry night": the sky that you could observe tonight ...
- "The stars and the tides";
- "Mysteries of the Southern sky": Observation of the southern sky, constellations of the southern hemisphere.
- "Far Worlds - Extraterrestrial Life?" : Are we alone in the universe ?
- "Ghost of the Universe": The identification of dark matter.

And for the children:
- "Twilight of the Dinosaurs": the disappearance of the dinosaurs, ideal for children!
- "The blind star-eyed": a tale for the little ones;
- "The one who walked upside down": a child sees the world from another angle ...
A wonderful immersion in time and space!

Opening hours and prices

- Sessions for children from 5 years old. Open from February to December.
- Every day during the school holidays.
- Outside school holidays, consult the program on the answering machine 24h / 24 at
- Prices: Adult € 7.50, reduced (from 5 to 17 years) € 6, family (2 adults + 2 children) € 21, child sup. 3 €.
- Radome Park Pass on sale at the Tourist Offices: discounted ticket for the 3 sites of the Radome Park (the Cité des Télécoms, the Planetarium of Brittany and the Village Gaulois).

Every year: new shows, workshops, ...

- This year, new shows for children and adults.
- Every month, evening observation of the night sky with the Astronomical Club of Trégor;
- In August: go for La Nuit des Etoiles!
- Discover the news and the news of the Planetarium of Brittany

The Planetarium of Brittany, it is also: reception of groups, field trips, scientific classes, astro classes, rental of conference room, seminar, Business Committees, general assemblies, conferences. Brittany Planetarium, Radome Park in Pleumeur-Bodou.

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